We have put together a list of words that are similar to TRANSPORT.

84 Alternative Words Similar to transport

1 Conveyance Noun      Synonym Words Like Conveyance
3 Shipping Noun      Synonym Words Like Shipping
4 Ecstasy Noun      Synonym Words Like Ecstasy
5 Business Noun      Synonym Words Like Business
8 Mechanism Noun      Synonym Words Like Mechanism
9 Spirit Noun      Synonym Words Like Spirit
10 Carry Verb      Synonym Words Like Carry
11 Enchant Verb      Synonym Words Like Enchant
12 Enrapture Verb      Synonym Words Like Enrapture
13 Enthrall Verb      Synonym Words Like Enthrall
14 Ravish Verb      Synonym Words Like Ravish
15 Enthral Verb      Synonym Words Like Enthral
16 Delight Verb      Synonym Words Like Delight
17 Send Verb      Synonym Words Like Send
18 Ship Verb      Synonym Words Like Ship
19 Transmit Verb      Synonym Words Like Transmit
20 Transfer Verb      Synonym Words Like Transfer
21 Channel Verb      Synonym Words Like Channel
22 Channelize Verb      Synonym Words Like Channelize
23 Channelise Verb      Synonym Words Like Channelise
24 Displace Verb      Synonym Words Like Displace
25 Move Verb      Synonym Words Like Move
26 Please Verb      Synonym Words Like Please
27 Disenchant Verb      Antonym Words Like Disenchant
28 Transported Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Transported
29 Transporting Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Transporting
30 Remove Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Remove
31 Convey Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Convey
32 Passion Noun      Synonym Words Like Passion
33 Connection Noun      Hyponym Words Like Connection
34 Teleportation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Teleportation
35 Lighterage Noun      Hyponym Words Like Lighterage
36 Connexion Noun      Hyponym Words Like Connexion
37 Relocation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Relocation
38 Resettlement Noun      Hyponym Words Like Resettlement
39 Drive Noun      Hyponym Words Like Drive
40 Lift Noun      Hyponym Words Like Lift
41 Bringing Noun      Hyponym Words Like Bringing
42 Delivery Noun      Hyponym Words Like Delivery
43 Transshipment Noun      Hyponym Words Like Transshipment
44 Movement Noun      Hypernym Words Like Movement
45 Forward Verb      Hyponym Words Like Forward
46 Ferrying Noun      Hyponym Words Like Ferrying
47 Expressage Noun      Hyponym Words Like Expressage
48 Trucking Noun      Hyponym Words Like Trucking
49 Express Noun      Hyponym Words Like Express
50 Truckage Noun      Hyponym Words Like Truckage
51 Ferry Noun      Hyponym Words Like Ferry
52 Hauling Noun      Hyponym Words Like Hauling
53 Bear Verb      Hyponym Words Like Bear
54 Return Verb      Hyponym Words Like Return
55 Pack Verb      Hyponym Words Like Pack
56 Bring Verb      Hyponym Words Like Bring
57 Fly Verb      Hyponym Words Like Fly
58 Take Verb      Hyponym Words Like Take
59 Chariot Verb      Hyponym
60 Haul Verb      Hyponym Words Like Haul
61 Tug Verb      Hyponym Words Like Tug
62 Turn Verb      Hyponym Words Like Turn
63 Project Verb      Hyponym Words Like Project
64 Fetch Verb      Hyponym Words Like Fetch
65 Get Verb      Hyponym Words Like Get
66 Propagate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Propagate
67 Translate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Translate
68 Release Verb      Hyponym Words Like Release
69 Telfer Noun      Hyponym
70 Tramway Noun      Hyponym Words Like Tramway
71 Mail Noun      Hyponym Words Like Mail
72 Sidecar Noun      Hyponym
73 Tram Noun      Hyponym Words Like Tram
74 Telpher Noun      Hyponym
75 Horsebox Noun      Hyponym
76 Ropeway Noun      Hyponym Words Like Ropeway
77 Wheel Verb      Hyponym Words Like Wheel
78 Wheelbarrow Verb      Hyponym
79 Lighter Verb      Hyponym Words Like Lighter
80 Float Verb      Hyponym Words Like Float
81 Advect Verb      Hyponym
82 Pipe Verb      Hyponym Words Like Pipe
83 Teleport Verb      Hyponym
84 Raft Verb      Hyponym Words Like Raft

5 examples of transport

1 to transport goods; to transport troops.
2 music transports the soul
3 These pipes carry waste water into the river
4 This train is carrying nuclear waste
5 carry the suitcases to the car

10 definitions of transport

1 To carry or bear from one place to another; to remove; to convey
2 To carry, or cause to be carried, into banishment, as a criminal; to banish.
3 To carry away with vehement emotion, as joy, sorrow, complacency, anger, etc.; to ravish with pleasure or ecstasy.
4 Transportation; carriage; conveyance.
5 A vessel employed for transporting, especially for carrying soldiers, warlike stores, or provisions, from one place to another, or to convey convicts to their destination; -- called also transport ship, transport vessel.
6 Vehement emotion; passion; ecstasy; rapture.
7 A convict transported, or sentenced to exile.
8 the act of moving something from one location to another
9 transport commercially
10 a state of being carried away by overwhelming emotion
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