Words Like STEADY

We have put together a list of words that are similar to STEADY.

24 Alternative Words Similar to steady

1 Firm Adjective      Synonym Words Like Firm
2 Stiff Adjective      Synonym Words Like Stiff
3 Regular Adjective      Synonym Words Like Regular
4 Even Adjective      Related Words Like Even
5 Unagitated Adjective      Related Words Like Unagitated
6 Dependable Adjective      Similar Words Like Dependable
7 Level Adjective      Similar Words Like Level
8 Resolute Adjective      Similar Words Like Resolute
9 Secure Adjective      Similar Words Like Secure
10 Sweetheart Noun      Synonym Words Like Sweetheart
11 Lover Noun      Synonym Words Like Lover
12 Calm Verb      Synonym Words Like Calm
13 Becalm Verb      Synonym Words Like Becalm
14 Brace Verb      Synonym Words Like Brace
15 Stabilize Verb      Synonym Words Like Stabilize
16 Stabilise Verb      Synonym Words Like Stabilise
17 Fortify Verb      Synonym Words Like Fortify
18 Strengthen Verb      Synonym Words Like Strengthen
19 Undeviating Adjective      Synonym Words Like Undeviating
20 Support Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Support
21 Ballast Verb      Hyponym Words Like Ballast
22 Dulcinea Noun      Hyponym Words Like Dulcinea
23 Valentine Noun      Hyponym Words Like Valentine
24 Ladylove Noun      Hyponym Words Like Ladylove

10 examples of steady

1 a man steady in his principles, in his purpose, or in the pursuit of an object
2 the steady course of the sun; a steady breeze of wind.
3 a man of unbendable perseverence
4 a firm mouth
5 steadfast resolve
6 unwavering loyalty
7 a steady breeze
8 a good steady ballplayer
9 a steady increase
10 a steady job

10 definitions of steady

1 Firm in standing or position; not tottering or shaking; fixed; firm.
2 Constant in feeling, purpose, or pursuit; not fickle, changeable, or wavering; not easily moved or persuaded to alter a purpose; resolute.
3 Regular; constant; undeviating; uniform
4 To make steady; to hold or keep from shaking, reeling, or falling; to make or keep firm; to support; to make constant, regular, or resolute.
5 To become steady; to regain a steady position or state; to move steadily.
6 marked by firm determination or resolution; not shakable
7 in a steady manner
8 not easily excited or upset
9 not liable to fluctuate or especially to fall
10 not subject to change or variation especially in behavior
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