Words Like SUPPORT

We have put together a list of words that are similar to SUPPORT.

148 Alternative Words Similar to support

1 Approval Noun      Hyponym Words Like Approval
2 Approving Noun      Hyponym Words Like Approving
3 Blessing Noun      Hyponym Words Like Blessing
4 Part Noun      Hypernym Words Like Part
5 Prove Verb      Hyponym Words Like Prove
6 Show Verb      Hyponym Words Like Show
7 Swallow Verb      Hyponym Words Like Swallow
8 Subscribe Verb      Synonym Words Like Subscribe
9 Hold Verb      Synonym Words Like Hold
10 Demonstrate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Demonstrate
11 Represent Verb      Synonym Words Like Represent
12 Give Verb      Synonym Words Like Give
13 Accept Verb      Hyponym Words Like Accept
14 Reinforcement Noun      Synonym Words Like Reinforcement
15 Act Verb      Synonym Words Like Act
16 Reason Verb      Synonym Words Like Reason
17 Affirm Verb      Synonym Words Like Affirm
18 Verify Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Verify
19 Allow Verb      Hypernym Words Like Allow
20 Countenance Verb      Synonym Words Like Countenance
21 Let Verb      Hypernym Words Like Let
22 Permit Verb      Synonym Words Like Permit
23 Second Verb      Hyponym Words Like Second
24 Play Verb      Hypernym Words Like Play
25 Activity Noun      Hypernym Words Like Activity
26 Foundation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Foundation
27 Rest Noun      Hyponym Words Like Rest
28 Bear Verb      Synonym Words Like Bear
29 Carry Verb      Hyponym Words Like Carry
30 Check Verb      Synonym Words Like Check
31 Keep Noun      Synonym Words Like Keep
32 Provide Verb      Hyponym Words Like Provide
33 Fit Verb      Synonym Words Like Fit
34 Pay Verb      Hyponym Words Like Pay
35 Device Noun      Hypernym Words Like Device
36 Perch Noun      Hyponym Words Like Perch
37 Foot Noun      Hyponym Words Like Foot
38 Agree Verb      Hypernym Words Like Agree
39 Advance Verb      Hyponym Words Like Advance
40 Bar Noun      Hyponym Words Like Bar
41 Tally Verb      Hypernym Words Like Tally
42 Seat Noun      Hyponym Words Like Seat
43 Voice Noun      Hypernym Words Like Voice
44 Operation Noun      Synonym Words Like Operation
45 Sanction Verb      Hypernym Words Like Sanction
46 Establish Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Establish
47 Base Noun      Hyponym Words Like Base
48 Shew Verb      Hyponym Words Like Shew
49 Confirm Verb      Synonym Words Like Confirm
50 Corroborate Verb      Synonym Words Like Corroborate
51 Substantiate Verb      Synonym Words Like Substantiate
52 Sustain Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Sustain
53 Correspond Verb      Synonym Words Like Correspond
54 Document Verb      Hyponym Words Like Document
55 Maintain Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Maintain
56 Gibe Verb      Hypernym Words Like Gibe
57 Jibe Verb      Hypernym Words Like Jibe
58 Match Verb      Hypernym Words Like Match
59 Stock Noun      Hyponym Words Like Stock
60 Step Noun      Hyponym Words Like Step
61 Promote Verb      Hyponym Words Like Promote
62 Abide Verb      Synonym Words Like Abide
63 Brook Verb      Synonym Words Like Brook
64 Digest Verb      Synonym Words Like Digest
65 Endure Verb      Synonym Words Like Endure
66 Stand Verb      Synonym Words Like Stand
67 Stomach Verb      Synonym Words Like Stomach
68 Suffer Verb      Synonym Words Like Suffer
69 Tolerate Verb      Synonym Words Like Tolerate
70 Fund Verb      Hyponym Words Like Fund
71 Influence Noun      Synonym Words Like Influence
72 Concord Verb      Synonym Words Like Concord
73 Concur Verb      Hypernym Words Like Concur
74 Guarantee Verb      Hyponym Words Like Guarantee
75 Truss Verb      Hyponym Words Like Truss
76 Bearing Noun      Hyponym Words Like Bearing
77 Suspension Noun      Hyponym Words Like Suspension
78 Defend Verb      Synonym Words Like Defend
79 Accompaniment Noun      Synonym Words Like Accompaniment
80 Help Noun      Synonym Words Like Help
81 Leg Noun      Hyponym Words Like Leg
82 Back Noun      Hyponym Words Like Back
83 Endorse Verb      Synonym Words Like Endorse
84 Indorse Verb      Synonym Words Like Indorse
85 Warrant Verb      Hyponym Words Like Warrant
86 Reenforcement Noun      Synonym Words Like Reenforcement
87 Aid Noun      Synonym Words Like Aid
88 Prop Noun      Hyponym Words Like Prop
89 Champion Verb      Hyponym Words Like Champion
90 Documentation Noun      Synonym Words Like Documentation
91 Livelihood Noun      Synonym Words Like Livelihood
92 Living Noun      Synonym Words Like Living
93 Sustenance Noun      Synonym Words Like Sustenance
94 Supporting Noun      Synonym Words Like Supporting
95 Backup Noun      Synonym Words Like Backup
96 Funding Noun      Synonym Words Like Funding
97 Backing Noun      Synonym Words Like Backing
98 Assist Noun      Synonym Words Like Assist
99 Assistance Noun      Hypernym Words Like Assistance
100 Proof Noun      Synonym Words Like Proof
101 Resource Noun      Hypernym Words Like Resource
102 Substantiation Noun      Synonym Words Like Substantiation
103 Validation Noun      Synonym Words Like Validation
104 Underpin Verb      Synonym Words Like Underpin
105 Patronize Verb      Synonym Words Like Patronize
106 Patronise Verb      Synonym Words Like Patronise
107 Patronage Verb      Synonym Words Like Patronage
108 Approve Verb      Synonym Words Like Approve
109 Argue Verb      Hypernym Words Like Argue
110 Foster Verb      Synonym Words Like Foster
111 Nurture Verb      Hypernym Words Like Nurture
112 Okay Verb      Synonym Words Like Okay
113 Negate Verb      Antonym Words Like Negate
114 Footing Noun      Hyponym Words Like Footing
115 Anchor Noun      Hyponym Words Like Anchor
116 Endorsement Noun      Hyponym Words Like Endorsement
117 Indorsement Noun      Hyponym Words Like Indorsement
118 Pole Verb      Hyponym Words Like Pole
119 Block Verb      Hyponym Words Like Block
120 Fundament Noun      Hyponym Words Like Fundament
121 Groundwork Noun      Hyponym Words Like Groundwork
122 Substructure Noun      Hyponym Words Like Substructure
123 Understructure Noun      Hyponym Words Like Understructure
124 Brace Verb      Hyponym Words Like Brace
125 Scaffold Verb      Hyponym Words Like Scaffold
126 Subsistence Noun      Synonym Words Like Subsistence
127 Stirrup Noun      Hyponym Words Like Stirrup
128 Rocker Noun      Hyponym Words Like Rocker
129 Tee Noun      Hyponym Words Like Tee
130 Buttress Noun      Hyponym Words Like Buttress
131 Basement Noun      Hyponym Words Like Basement
132 Abutment Noun      Hyponym Words Like Abutment
133 Buttressing Noun      Hyponym Words Like Buttressing
134 Architrave Noun      Hyponym Words Like Architrave
135 Undergird Verb      Hyponym Words Like Undergird
136 Subsidise Verb      Hyponym Words Like Subsidise
137 Subsidize Verb      Hyponym Words Like Subsidize
138 Baluster Noun      Hyponym Words Like Baluster
139 Bookend Noun      Hyponym Words Like Bookend
140 Backboard Noun      Hyponym Words Like Backboard
141 Bedpost Noun      Hyponym Words Like Bedpost
142 Headstock Noun      Hyponym Words Like Headstock
143 Handrest Noun      Hyponym Words Like Handrest
144 Tailstock Noun      Hyponym Words Like Tailstock
145 Undercarriage Noun      Hyponym Words Like Undercarriage
146 Sponsorship Noun      Hyponym Words Like Sponsorship
147 Reassurance Noun      Hyponym Words Like Reassurance
148 Lifeline Noun      Hyponym Words Like Lifeline

10 examples of support

1 a pillar supports a structure; an abutment supports an arch; the trunk of a tree supports the branches.
2 to support pain, distress, or misfortunes
3 to support the courage or spirits
4 to support the character of King Lear
5 to support a family; to support the ministers of the gospel.
6 to support a war or a contest; to support an argument or a debate
7 the testimony is not sufficient to support the charges; the evidence will not support the statements or allegations.
8 to be able to support one's own cause
9 to support a friend or a party; to support the present administration.
10 a chairman supported by a vice chairman; O'Connell left the prison, supported by his two sons.

10 definitions of support

1 To bear by being under; to keep from falling; to uphold; to sustain, in a literal or physical sense; to prop up; to bear the weight of
2 To endure without being overcome, exhausted, or changed in character; to sustain.
3 To keep from failing or sinking; to solace under affictive circumstances; to assist; to encourage; to defend.
4 To assume and carry successfully, as the part of an actor; to represent or act; to sustain.
5 To furnish with the means of sustenance or livelihood; to maintain; to provide for
6 To carry on; to enable to continue; to maintain.
7 To verify; to make good; to substantiate; to establish; to sustain
8 To vindicate; to maintain; to defend successfully.
9 To uphold by aid or countenance; to aid; to help; to back up
10 A attend as an honorary assistant
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