We have put together a list of words that are similar to SWEETHEART.

9 Alternative Words Similar to sweetheart

1 Privileged Adjective      Similar Words Like Privileged
2 Steady Noun      Synonym Words Like Steady
3 Smasher Noun      Synonym Words Like Smasher
4 Peach Noun      Synonym Words Like Peach
5 Lover Noun      Synonym Words Like Lover
6 Woman Noun      Synonym Words Like Woman
7 Dulcinea Noun      Hyponym Words Like Dulcinea
8 Valentine Noun      Hyponym Words Like Valentine
9 Ladylove Noun      Hyponym Words Like Ladylove

10 definitions of sweetheart

1 A lover of mistress.
2 a person loved by another person
3 any well-liked individual
4 privileged treatment of a favored person or corporation (sometimes unethically)
5 a very attractive or seductive looking woman
6 One who is loved.
7 Used as a familiar term of endearment.
8 Informal A person regarded as generous or lovable.
9 Informal Something cherished for its excellent qualities.
10 Involving privileged treatment of a favored party; illegally or unethically favorable: "another land grab, another sweetheart deal based on political influence” ( Village Voice).
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