Words Like BEND

We have put together a list of words that are similar to BEND.

37 Alternative Words Similar to bend

1 Crook Noun      Synonym Words Like Crook
2 Twist Noun      Synonym Words Like Twist
3 Turn Noun      Synonym Words Like Turn
4 Curve Noun      Synonym Words Like Curve
5 Fold Noun      Synonym Words Like Fold
6 Crease Noun      Synonym Words Like Crease
7 Bend Noun      Synonym Words Like Bend
8 Motion Noun      Synonym Words Like Motion
9 Movement Noun      Synonym Words Like Movement
10 Section Noun      Synonym Words Like Section
11 Segment Noun      Synonym Words Like Segment
12 Town Noun      Synonym Words Like Town
13 Flex Verb      Synonym Words Like Flex
14 Deform Verb      Synonym Words Like Deform
15 Bow Verb      Synonym Words Like Bow
16 Move Verb      Synonym Words Like Move
17 Straighten Verb      Antonym Words Like Straighten
18 Unbend Verb      Antonym Words Like Unbend
19 Bent Verb-transitive      Form Words Like Bent
20 Direct Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Direct
21 Incline Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Incline
22 Purpose Noun      Synonym Words Like Purpose
23 Inclination Noun      Synonym Words Like Inclination
24 Ends Noun      Synonym Words Like Ends
25 Bind Noun      Synonym Words Like Bind
26 Band Noun      Synonym Words Like Band
27 Bight Noun      Hyponym Words Like Bight
28 Arch Verb      Hyponym Words Like Arch
29 Tip Verb      Hyponym Words Like Tip
30 Arc Verb      Hyponym Words Like Arc
31 Tilt Verb      Hyponym Words Like Tilt
32 Slant Verb      Hyponym Words Like Slant
33 Double Verb      Hyponym Words Like Double
34 Angle Verb      Hyponym Words Like Angle
35 Replicate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Replicate
36 Lean Verb      Hyponym Words Like Lean
37 Dent Verb      Hyponym Words Like Dent

10 examples of bend

1 to bend a bow; to bend the knee
2 a slight bend of the body; a bend in a road
3 bend your knees
4 a crook in the path
5 a crease in his trousers
6 a bend of his elbow
7 a flexure of the colon
8 a plication on her blouse
9 twist the dough into a braid
10 the strong man could turn an iron bar

10 definitions of bend

1 To strain or move out of a straight line; to crook by straining; to make crooked; to curve; to make ready for use by drawing into a curve.
2 To turn toward some certain point; to direct; to incline.
3 To apply closely or with interest; to direct.
4 To cause to yield; to render submissive; to subdue.
5 To fasten, as one rope to another, or as a sail to its yard or stay; or as a cable to the ring of an anchor.
6 To be moved or strained out of a straight line; to crook or be curving; to bow.
7 To jut over; to overhang.
8 To be inclined; to be directed.
9 To bow in prayer, or in token of submission.
10 A turn or deflection from a straight line or from the proper direction or normal position; a curve; a crook.
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