We have put together a list of words that are similar to INCLINATION.

39 Alternative Words Similar to inclination

1 Disposition Noun      Synonym Words Like Disposition
2 Tendency Noun      Synonym Words Like Tendency
3 Dip Noun      Synonym Words Like Dip
4 Tilt Noun      Synonym Words Like Tilt
5 List Noun      Synonym Words Like List
6 Lean Noun      Synonym Words Like Lean
7 Leaning Noun      Synonym Words Like Leaning
8 Angle Noun      Synonym Words Like Angle
9 Attitude Noun      Synonym Words Like Attitude
10 Liking Noun      Synonym Words Like Liking
11 Motility Noun      Synonym Words Like Motility
12 Motion Noun      Synonym Words Like Motion
13 Move Noun      Synonym Words Like Move
14 Movement Noun      Synonym Words Like Movement
15 Position Noun      Synonym Words Like Position
16 Favor Noun      Synonym Words Like Favor
17 Desire Noun      Synonym Words Like Desire
18 Love Noun      Synonym Words Like Love
19 Stainability Noun      Hyponym Words Like Stainability
20 Heterosis Noun      Hyponym
21 Undertow Noun      Hyponym Words Like Undertow
22 Stomach Noun      Hyponym Words Like Stomach
23 Call Noun      Hyponym Words Like Call
24 Literalism Noun      Hyponym Words Like Literalism
25 Perseveration Noun      Hyponym Words Like Perseveration
26 Set Noun      Hyponym Words Like Set
27 Direction Noun      Hyponym Words Like Direction
28 Understanding Noun      Hyponym Words Like Understanding
30 Drift Noun      Hyponym Words Like Drift
31 Disapproval Noun      Hyponym Words Like Disapproval
32 Sympathy Noun      Hyponym Words Like Sympathy
33 Favour Noun      Hyponym Words Like Favour
34 Disfavor Noun      Hyponym Words Like Disfavor
35 Trend Noun      Hyponym Words Like Trend
36 Disfavour Noun      Hyponym Words Like Disfavour
37 Dislike Noun      Hyponym Words Like Dislike
38 Devices Noun      Hyponym Words Like Devices
39 Bent Noun      Hyponym Words Like Bent

7 examples of inclination

1 an inclination of the head
2 the inclination of a column, or of a road bed
3 the inclination of the plane of the earth's equator to the plane of the ecliptic is about 23° 28'; the inclination of two rays of light.
4 fabric with a tendency to shrink
5 he walked with a heavy inclination to the right
6 the ship developed a list to starboard
7 a tendency to be too strict

10 definitions of inclination

1 The act of inclining, or state of being inclined; a leaning.
2 A direction or tendency from the true vertical or horizontal direction.
3 A tendency towards another body or point.
4 The angle made by two lines or planes
5 A leaning or tendency of the mind, feelings, preferences, or will; propensity; a disposition more favorable to one thing than to another; favor; desire; love.
6 A person or thing loved or admired.
7 Decantation, or tipping for pouring.
8 (physics) the angle that a magnetic needle makes with the plane of the horizon
9 the act of inclining; bending forward
10 a characteristic likelihood of or natural disposition toward a certain condition or character or effect
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