Words Like VENTURE

We have put together a list of words that are similar to VENTURE.

43 Alternative Words Similar to venture

1 Speculation Noun      Synonym Words Like Speculation
2 Business Noun      Synonym Words Like Business
3 Labor Noun      Synonym Words Like Labor
4 Project Noun      Synonym Words Like Project
5 Task Noun      Synonym Words Like Task
6 Undertaking Noun      Synonym Words Like Undertaking
7 Guess Verb      Synonym Words Like Guess
8 Pretend Verb      Synonym Words Like Pretend
9 Hazard Verb      Synonym Words Like Hazard
10 Adventure Verb      Synonym Words Like Adventure
11 Stake Verb      Synonym Words Like Stake
12 Jeopardize Verb      Synonym Words Like Jeopardize
13 Go Verb      Synonym Words Like Go
14 Move Verb      Synonym Words Like Move
15 Proceed Verb      Synonym Words Like Proceed
16 Risk Verb      Synonym Words Like Risk
17 Speculate Verb      Synonym Words Like Speculate
18 Accident Noun      Synonym Words Like Accident
19 Chance Noun      Synonym Words Like Chance
20 Hap Noun      Synonym Words Like Hap
21 Contingency Noun      Synonym Words Like Contingency
22 Luck Noun      Synonym Words Like Luck
23 Trust Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Trust
24 Gamble Noun      Hyponym Words Like Gamble
25 Pyramid Noun      Hyponym Words Like Pyramid
26 Call Verb      Hyponym Words Like Call
27 Foretell Verb      Hyponym Words Like Foretell
28 Anticipate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Anticipate
29 Predict Verb      Hyponym Words Like Predict
30 Prognosticate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Prognosticate
31 Forebode Verb      Hyponym Words Like Forebode
32 Promise Verb      Hyponym Words Like Promise
33 Suspect Verb      Hyponym Words Like Suspect
34 Surmise Verb      Hyponym Words Like Surmise
35 Cause Noun      Hyponym Words Like Cause
36 Peril Noun      Hyponym Words Like Peril
37 Effort Noun      Hyponym Words Like Effort
38 Danger Noun      Hyponym Words Like Danger
39 Drive Noun      Hyponym Words Like Drive
40 Movement Noun      Hyponym Words Like Movement
41 Campaign Noun      Hyponym Words Like Campaign
42 Crusade Noun      Hyponym Words Like Crusade
43 Sally Noun      Hyponym Words Like Sally

3 examples of venture

1 to venture one's person in a balloon
2 to venture a horse to the West Indies
3 I cannot pretend to say that you are wrong

10 definitions of venture

1 An undertaking of chance or danger; the risking of something upon an event which can not be foreseen with certainty; a hazard; a risk; a speculation.
2 An event that is not, or can not be, foreseen; an accident; chance; hap; contingency; luck.
3 The thing put to hazard; a stake; a risk; especially, something sent to sea in trade.
4 To hazard one's self; to have the courage or presumption to do, undertake, or say something; to dare.
5 To make a venture; to run a hazard or risk; to take the chances.
6 To expose to hazard; to risk; to hazard.
7 To put or send on a venture or chance.
8 To confide in; to rely on; to trust.
9 proceed somewhere despite the risk of possible dangers
10 an investment that is very risky but could yield great profits
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