We have put together a list of words that are similar to INTROMISSION.

14 Alternative Words Similar to intromission

1 Insertion Noun      Synonym Words Like Insertion
2 Introduction Noun      Synonym Words Like Introduction
3 Movement Noun      Synonym Words Like Movement
4 Admission Noun      Synonym Words Like Admission
5 Cannulisation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Cannulisation
6 Enclosure Noun      Hyponym Words Like Enclosure
7 Cannulation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Cannulation
8 Intubation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Intubation
9 Transfusion Noun      Hyponym Words Like Transfusion
10 Perfusion Noun      Hyponym Words Like Perfusion
11 Canulization Noun      Hyponym Words Like Canulization
12 Canulisation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Canulisation
13 Canulation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Canulation
14 Cannulization Noun      Hyponym Words Like Cannulization

10 definitions of intromission

1 The act of sending in or of putting in; insertion.
2 The insertion of the male copulatory organ into the female in the process of coitus.
3 The act of letting go in; admission.
4 An intermeddling with the affairs of another, either on legal grounds or without authority.
5 the act of putting one thing into another
6 The act or process of intromitting; introduction or admission.
7 The act of sending or putting in; insertion, as of one body within another; introduction within.
8 The act of taking in or admitting; admission within.
9 In Scots and old English law, an interfering with the effects of another.
10 the state of being allowed to enter; admittance
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