We have put together a list of words that are similar to INSERTION.

18 Alternative Words Similar to insertion

1 Interpolation Noun      Synonym Words Like Interpolation
2 Introduction Noun      Synonym Words Like Introduction
3 Intromission Noun      Synonym Words Like Intromission
4 Content Noun      Synonym Words Like Content
5 Message Noun      Synonym Words Like Message
6 Movement Noun      Synonym Words Like Movement
7 Substance Noun      Synonym Words Like Substance
8 Origin Noun      Antonym Words Like Origin
9 Cannulisation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Cannulisation
10 Enclosure Noun      Hyponym Words Like Enclosure
11 Cannulation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Cannulation
12 Intubation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Intubation
13 Transfusion Noun      Hyponym Words Like Transfusion
14 Perfusion Noun      Hyponym Words Like Perfusion
15 Canulization Noun      Hyponym Words Like Canulization
16 Canulisation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Canulisation
17 Canulation Noun      Hyponym Words Like Canulation
18 Cannulization Noun      Hyponym Words Like Cannulization

4 examples of insertion

1 the insertion of scions in stocks; the insertion of words or passages in writings.
2 the insertion of stamens in a calyx
3 there were numerous insertions and corrections to the first draft
4 with many insertions in the margins

10 definitions of insertion

1 The act of inserting
2 The condition or mode of being inserted or attached.
3 That which is set in or inserted, such as a word or passage in a composition, or a narrow strip of embroidered lace, muslin, or cambric.
4 The point or part by which a muscle or tendon is attached to the part to be moved; -- in contradistinction to its origin.
5 a message (spoken or written) that is introduced or inserted
6 the act of putting one thing into another
7 The act or process of inserting.
8 Something inserted, as an ornamental strip of lace or embroidery inserted between pieces of fabric.
9 Anatomy The point or mode of attachment of a skeletal muscle to the bone or other body part that it moves.
10 Genetics The addition, as by mutation, of one or more nucleotides to a chromosome.
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