Words Like FLOW

We have put together a list of words that are similar to FLOW.

43 Alternative Words Similar to flow

1 Flowing Noun      Synonym Words Like Flowing
2 Stream Noun      Synonym Words Like Stream
3 Current Noun      Synonym Words Like Current
4 Period Noun      Synonym Words Like Period
5 Action Noun      Synonym Words Like Action
6 Activity Noun      Synonym Words Like Activity
7 Course Noun      Synonym Words Like Course
8 Discharge Noun      Synonym Words Like Discharge
9 Line Noun      Synonym Words Like Line
10 Motion Noun      Synonym Words Like Motion
11 Move Noun      Synonym Words Like Move
12 Movement Noun      Synonym Words Like Movement
13 Rate Noun      Synonym Words Like Rate
14 Travel Noun      Synonym Words Like Travel
15 Flux Verb      Synonym Words Like Flux
16 Run Verb      Synonym Words Like Run
17 Feed Verb      Synonym Words Like Feed
18 Hang Verb      Synonym Words Like Hang
19 Fall Verb      Synonym Words Like Fall
20 Be Verb      Synonym Words Like Be
21 Bleed Verb      Synonym Words Like Bleed
22 Exist Verb      Synonym Words Like Exist
23 Fly      Variant Words Like Fly
24 Flowed Verb-intransitive      Form Words Like Flowed
25 Melt Verb-intransitive      Synonym Words Like Melt
26 Proceed Verb-intransitive      Synonym Words Like Proceed
27 Spill Noun      Hyponym Words Like Spill
28 Release Noun      Hyponym Words Like Release
29 Outpouring Noun      Hyponym Words Like Outpouring
30 Race Noun      Hyponym Words Like Race
31 Filling Noun      Hyponym Words Like Filling
32 Backwash Noun      Hyponym Words Like Backwash
33 Airflow Noun      Hyponym
34 Rush Noun      Hyponym Words Like Rush
35 Flush Noun      Hyponym Words Like Flush
36 Spate Noun      Hyponym Words Like Spate
37 Menorrhagia Noun      Hyponym
38 Hypermenorrhea Noun      Hyponym
39 Oligomenorrhea Noun      Hyponym
40 Waste Verb      Hyponym Words Like Waste
41 Whirl Verb      Hyponym Words Like Whirl
42 Circulate Verb      Hyponym Words Like Circulate
43 Transpirate Verb      Hyponym

10 examples of flow

1 rivers flow from springs and lakes; tears flow from the eyes.
2 wealth flows from industry and economy
3 a flowing period; flowing numbers
4 a flowing mantle; flowing locks.
5 the tide flows twice in twenty-four hours
6 a flow of water; a flow of blood.
7 a flow of words
8 the current of history
9 the flow of thought
10 stream of consciousness

10 definitions of flow

1 imp. sing. of fly, v. i.
2 To move with a continual change of place among the particles or parts, as a fluid; to change place or circulate, as a liquid
3 To become liquid; to melt.
4 To proceed; to issue forth.
5 To glide along smoothly, without harshness or asperties; ; to sound smoothly to the ear; to be uttered easily.
6 To have or be in abundance; to abound; to full, so as to run or flow over; to be copious.
7 To hang loose and waving
8 To rise, as the tide; -- opposed to ebb.
9 To discharge blood in excess from the uterus.
10 To cover with water or other liquid; to overflow; to inundate; to flood.
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