Words Like SQUAT

We have put together a list of words that are similar to SQUAT.

13 Alternative Words Similar to squat

1 Underslung Adjective      Synonym Words Like Underslung
2 Low Adjective      Similar Words Like Low
3 Short Adjective      Similar Words Like Short
4 Motility Noun      Synonym Words Like Motility
5 Motion Noun      Synonym Words Like Motion
6 Move Noun      Synonym Words Like Move
7 Movement Noun      Synonym Words Like Movement
8 Scrunch Verb      Synonym Words Like Scrunch
9 Be Verb      Synonym Words Like Be
10 Occupy Verb      Synonym Words Like Occupy
11 Reside Verb      Synonym Words Like Reside
12 Sit Verb      Synonym Words Like Sit
13 Cowering Adjective      Synonym Words Like Cowering

7 examples of squat

1 the savages squatted near the fire
2 The children hunkered down to protect themselves from the sandstorm
3 a squatty red smokestack
4 a little church with a squat tower
5 dachshunds are long lowset dogs with drooping ears
6 a stumpy ungainly figure
7 a dumpy little dumpling of a woman

10 definitions of squat

1 The angel fish (Squatina angelus).
2 To sit down upon the hams or heels.
3 To sit close to the ground; to cower; to stoop, or lie close, to escape observation, as a partridge or rabbit.
4 To settle on another's land without title; also, to settle on common or public lands.
5 To bruise or make flat by a fall.
6 Sitting on the hams or heels; sitting close to the ground; cowering; crouching.
7 Short and thick, like the figure of an animal squatting.
8 The posture of one that sits on his heels or hams, or close to the ground.
9 A sudden or crushing fall.
10 A small vein of ore.
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