We have put together a list of words that are similar to PROGRESSION.

15 Alternative Words Similar to progression

1 Progress Noun      Synonym Words Like Progress
2 Advance Noun      Synonym Words Like Advance
3 Motion Noun      Synonym Words Like Motion
4 Move Noun      Synonym Words Like Move
5 Movement Noun      Synonym Words Like Movement
6 Series Noun      Synonym Words Like Series
7 Travel Noun      Synonym Words Like Travel
8 Course Noun      Synonym Words Like Course
9 Passage Noun      Synonym Words Like Passage
10 Headway Noun      Hyponym Words Like Headway
11 Head Noun      Hyponym Words Like Head
12 March Noun      Hyponym Words Like March
13 Easygoing Noun      Hyponym Words Like Easygoing
14 Leapfrog Noun      Hyponym Words Like Leapfrog
15 Push Noun      Hyponym Words Like Push

10 definitions of progression

1 The act of moving forward; a proceeding in a course; motion onward.
2 Course; passage; lapse or process of time.
3 Regular or proportional advance in increase or decrease of numbers; continued proportion, arithmetical, geometrical, or harmonic.
4 A regular succession of tones or chords; the movement of the parts in harmony; the order of the modulations in a piece from key to key.
5 a movement forward
6 the act of moving forward (as toward a goal)
7 a series with a definite pattern of advance
8 The process of progressing; progress.
9 Movement from one member of a continuous series to the next.
10 A continuous series; a sequence. See Synonyms at series.
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