We have put together a list of words that are similar to MAGISTRATE.

6 Alternative Words Similar to magistrate

1 Adjudicator Noun      Synonym Words Like Adjudicator
2 Functionary Noun      Synonym Words Like Functionary
3 Judge Noun      Synonym Words Like Judge
4 Jurist Noun      Synonym Words Like Jurist
5 Justice Noun      Synonym Words Like Justice
6 Official Noun      Synonym Words Like Official

10 definitions of magistrate

1 A person clothed with power as a public civil officer; a public civil officer invested with the executive government, or some branch of it.
2 a lay judge or civil authority who administers the law (especially one who conducts a court dealing with minor offenses)
3 A civil officer with power to administer and enforce law, as:
4 A local member of the judiciary having limited jurisdiction, especially in criminal cases.
5 A minor official, such as a justice of the peace, having administrative and limited judicial authority.
6 Magistracy.
7 An administrator of the law; one who possesses jurisdiction or executive authority in matters of civil government; an executive or judicial officer holding the power of decision and disposal in regard to subjects within his cognizance: as, a king is the first magistrate of a monarchy; in the United States the President is often called the chief magistrate; the magistrates of a state or city; civil or judicial magistrates.
8 Specifically, a minor judicial officer; a justice of the peace, or a police justice; in Scotland, a provost or a bailie of a burgh: as, to be brought before the bar of the local magistrate.
9 In the New Testament, a Roman military governor or pretor.
10 A judicial officer with limited authority to administer and enforce the law. A magistrate's court may have jurisdiction in civil or criminal cases, or both.
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