We have put together a list of words that are similar to HABILIMENT.

24 Alternative Words Similar to habiliment

1 Clothing Noun      Synonym Words Like Clothing
2 Vesture Noun      Synonym Words Like Vesture
3 Wear Noun      Synonym Words Like Wear
4 Wearable Noun      Synonym Words Like Wearable
5 Covering Noun      Synonym Words Like Covering
6 Garment Noun      Synonym Words Like Garment
7 Beachwear Noun      Hyponym
8 Change Noun      Hyponym Words Like Change
9 Threads Noun      Hyponym
10 Black Noun      Hyponym Words Like Black
11 Togs Noun      Hyponym
12 Knitwear Noun      Hyponym
13 Dress Noun      Hyponym Words Like Dress
14 Raiment Noun      Hyponym Words Like Raiment
15 Array Noun      Hyponym Words Like Array
16 Duds Noun      Hyponym
17 Grey Noun      Hyponym Words Like Grey
18 Vestiture Noun      Hyponym
19 Regalia Noun      Hyponym Words Like Regalia
20 Garb Noun      Hyponym Words Like Garb
21 Gray Noun      Hyponym Words Like Gray
22 Apparel Noun      Hyponym Words Like Apparel
23 Blue Noun      Hyponym Words Like Blue
24 Neckpiece Noun      Hyponym Words Like Neckpiece

10 definitions of habiliment

1 A garment; an article of clothing.
2 Dress, in general.
3 a covering designed to be worn on a person's body
4 The special dress or garb associated with an occasion or office. Often used in the plural: "shrouded from head to foot in the habiliments of the grave” ( Edgar Allan Poe).
5 Clothes.
6 Characteristic furnishings or equipment; trappings: surrounded by the habiliments of the television news industry.
7 A garment; clothing: usually in the plural: as, the habiliments of war; fashionable habiliments.
8 A border, as of gold, pearls, etc., in ancient dress. See biliment.
9 Clothes, especially clothing appropriate for someone's job, status, or to an occasion.
10 Equipment or furnishings characteristic of a place or being; trappings.
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