Words Like CALUMNY

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13 Alternative Words Similar to calumny

1 Defamation Noun      Synonym Words Like Defamation
2 Calumniation Noun      Synonym Words Like Calumniation
3 Obloquy Noun      Synonym Words Like Obloquy
4 Traducement Noun      Synonym Words Like Traducement
5 Attack Noun      Synonym Words Like Attack
6 Detraction Noun      Synonym Words Like Detraction
7 Libel Noun      Hyponym
8 Blackwash Noun      Hyponym
9 Epithet Noun      Hyponym Words Like Epithet
10 Smear Noun      Hyponym Words Like Smear
11 Names Noun      Hyponym
12 Name Noun      Hyponym Words Like Name
13 Assassination Noun      Hyponym

9 definitions of calumny

1 False accusation of a crime or offense, maliciously made or reported, to the injury of another; malicious misrepresentation; slander; detraction.
2 an abusive attack on a person's character or good name
3 a false accusation of an offense or a malicious misrepresentation of someone's words or actions
4 A false statement maliciously made to injure another's reputation.
5 The utterance of maliciously false statements; slander.
6 False accusation of crime, misconduct, or defect, knowingly or maliciously made or reported, to the injury of another; untruth maliciously spoken, to the detraction of another; a defamatory report; slander.
7 Synonyms Lying, falsehood, libel, aspersion, detraction, backbiting, defamation, evil-speaking.
8 a falsification or misrepresentation intended to disparage or discredit another.
9 false charges brought about to tarnish another's reputation or standing.
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