We have put together a list of words that are similar to CALORIMETRY.

4 Alternative Words Similar to calorimetry

1 Measure Noun      Synonym Words Like Measure
2 Measurement Noun      Synonym Words Like Measurement
3 Measuring Noun      Synonym Words Like Measuring
4 Mensuration Noun      Synonym Words Like Mensuration

4 definitions of calorimetry

1 The measurement of the quantity of heat in thermal units (see thermal and calory) which a body absorbs or gives out in passing through a certain range of temperature, or in changing its state (as in fusion or vaporization), or the heat which is produced by chemical combination; the art or process of using the calorimeter.
2 The science of measuring the heat absorbed or evolved during the course of a chemical reaction or change of state.
3 A wide headband that covers the ears, for wearing on cold days.
4 measurement of quantities of heat
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