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We have put together a list of words that are similar to ALBUM.

4 Alternative Words Similar to album

1 Book Noun      Synonym Words Like Book
2 Medium Noun      Synonym Words Like Medium
3 Volume Noun      Synonym Words Like Volume
4 Scrapbook Noun      Hyponym

10 definitions of album

1 A white tablet on which anything was inscribed, as a list of names, etc.
2 A register for visitors' names; a visitors' book.
3 A blank book, in which to insert autographs, sketches, memorial writing of friends, photographs, etc.
4 one or more recordings issued together; originally released on 12-inch phonograph records (usually with attractive record covers) and later on cassette audiotape and compact disc
5 a book of blank pages with pockets or envelopes; for organizing photographs or stamp collections etc
6 A book with blank pages for the insertion and preservation of collections, as of stamps or photographs.
7 A phonograph record, especially a long-playing record stored in a slipcase.
8 A set of musical recordings stored together in jackets under one binding.
9 The bound set of jackets for such a set.
10 A recording of different musical pieces.
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