Words Like SON

We have put together a list of words that are similar to SON.

5 Alternative Words Similar to son

1 Boy Noun      Synonym Words Like Boy
2 Son Noun      Synonym Words Like Son
3 Daughter Noun      Antonym Words Like Daughter
4 Girl Noun      Antonym Words Like Girl
5 Junior Noun      Hyponym Words Like Junior

2 examples of son

1 sons of Albion; sons of New England
2 his boy is taller than he is

10 definitions of son

1 A male child; the male issue, or offspring, of a parent, father or mother.
2 A male descendant, however distant; hence, in the plural, descendants in general.
3 Any young male person spoken of as a child; an adopted male child; a pupil, ward, or any other young male dependent.
4 A native or inhabitant of some specified place.
5 The produce of anything.
6 Jesus Christ, the Savior; -- called the Son of God, and the Son of man.
7 the divine word of God; the second person in the Trinity (incarnate in Jesus)
8 a male human offspring
9 One's male child.
10 A male descendant.
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