Words Like KIND

We have put together a list of words that are similar to KIND.

27 Alternative Words Similar to kind

1 Soft Adjective      Related Words Like Soft
2 Gentle Adjective      Similar Words Like Gentle
3 Gracious Adjective      Similar Words Like Gracious
4 Hospitable Adjective      Similar Words Like Hospitable
5 Sort Noun      Synonym Words Like Sort
6 Form Noun      Synonym Words Like Form
7 Variety Noun      Synonym Words Like Variety
8 Category Noun      Synonym Words Like Category
9 Natural Adjective      Synonym Words Like Natural
10 Tractable Adjective      Synonym Words Like Tractable
11 Race Noun      Synonym Words Like Race
12 Genus Noun      Synonym Words Like Genus
13 Species Noun      Synonym Words Like Species
14 Type Noun      Synonym Words Like Type
15 Class Noun      Synonym Words Like Class
16 Style Noun      Synonym Words Like Style
17 Character Noun      Synonym Words Like Character
18 Fashion Noun      Synonym Words Like Fashion
19 Manner Noun      Synonym Words Like Manner
20 Model Noun      Hyponym Words Like Model
21 Flavor Noun      Hyponym Words Like Flavor
22 Like Noun      Hyponym Words Like Like
23 Colour Noun      Hyponym Words Like Colour
24 Color Noun      Hyponym Words Like Color
25 Brand Noun      Hyponym Words Like Brand
26 Flavour Noun      Hyponym Words Like Flavour
27 Make Noun      Hyponym Words Like Make

10 examples of kind

1 a kind man; a kind heart.
2 a kind act
3 a horse kind in harness
4 in mankind or humankind
5 there are several kinds of eloquence, of style, and of music; many kinds of government; various kinds of soil, etc.
6 what kinds of desserts are there?
7 a kind master
8 kind words showing understanding and sympathy
9 thanked her for her kind letter
10 hot summer pavements are anything but kind to the feet

10 definitions of kind

1 Characteristic of the species; belonging to one's nature; natural; native.
2 Having feelings befitting our common nature; congenial; sympathetic
3 Showing tenderness or goodness; disposed to do good and confer happiness; averse to hurting or paining; benevolent; benignant; gracious.
4 Proceeding from, or characterized by, goodness, gentleness, or benevolence.
5 Gentle; tractable; easily governed.
6 Nature; natural instinct or disposition.
7 Race; genus; species; generic class.
8 Sort; type; class; nature; style; character; fashion; manner; variety; description
9 To beget.
10 a category of things distinguished by some common characteristic or quality
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