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5 Alternative Words Similar to genus

1 Form Noun      Synonym Words Like Form
2 Kind Noun      Synonym Words Like Kind
3 Sort Noun      Synonym Words Like Sort
4 Taxon Noun      Synonym Words Like Taxon
5 Variety Noun      Synonym Words Like Variety

10 definitions of genus

1 A class of objects divided into several subordinate species; a class more extensive than a species; a precisely defined and exactly divided class; one of the five predicable conceptions, or sorts of terms.
2 An assemblage of species, having so many fundamental points of structure in common, that in the judgment of competent scientists, they may receive a common substantive name. A genus is not necessarily the lowest definable group of species, for it may often be divided into several subgenera. In proportion as its definition is exact, it is natural genus; if its definition can not be made clear, it is more or less an artificial genus.
3 a general kind of something
4 (biology) taxonomic group containing one or more species
5 Biology A taxonomic category ranking below a family and above a species and generally consisting of a group of species exhibiting similar characteristics. In taxonomic nomenclature the genus name is used, either alone or followed by a Latin adjective or epithet, to form the name of a species. See Table at taxonomy.
6 Logic A class of objects divided into subordinate species having certain common attributes.
7 A class, group, or kind with common attributes.
8 A kind; a sort; a class.
9 In old music, a formula or method of dividing the tetrachord. Three genera were distinguished: the diatonic, in which whole steps or “tones” were used; the chromatic, in which only half-steps or semitones were used; and the enharmonic, in which intervals less than a half-step were used.
10 a rank in the classification of organisms, below family and above species; a taxon at that rank
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