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4 Alternative Words Similar to germinal

1 Originative Adjective      Synonym Words Like Originative
2 Seminal Adjective      Synonym Words Like Seminal
3 Original Adjective      Similar Words Like Original
4 Germinal Noun      Synonym Words Like Germinal

1 examples of germinal

1 the germinal vesicle

9 definitions of germinal

1 Pertaining or belonging to a germ.
2 Of or pertaining to the germ, or germ cells, as distinguished from the somatic cells.
3 containing seeds of later development
4 seventh month of the Revolutionary calendar (March and April); the month of buds
5 Of, relating to, or having the nature of a germ cell.
6 Of, relating to, or occurring in the earliest stage of development: was active in the germinal stages of the space program.
7 Pertaining to or constituting a germ; of the nature of a germ or of germination; germinative: as, germinal; vesicles; germinal ideas or principles.
8 The seventh month of the French revolutionary calendar. It commenced (in 1794) March 21st and ended April 19th.
9 Of or pertaining to something very small, as small as a germ; pertaining to the essence of something.
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