Words Like VIVID

We have put together a list of words that are similar to VIVID.

13 Alternative Words Similar to vivid

1 Graphic Adjective      Synonym Words Like Graphic
2 Lifelike Adjective      Synonym Words Like Lifelike
3 Pictorial Adjective      Synonym Words Like Pictorial
4 Bright Adjective      Synonym Words Like Bright
5 Brilliant Adjective      Synonym Words Like Brilliant
6 Intense Adjective      Synonym Words Like Intense
7 Clear Adjective      Similar Words Like Clear
8 Colorful Adjective      Similar Words Like Colorful
9 Colourful Adjective      Similar Words Like Colourful
10 Pure Adjective      Similar Words Like Pure
11 Realistic Adjective      Similar Words Like Realistic
12 Saturated Adjective      Similar Words Like Saturated
13 Lively Adjective      Synonym Words Like Lively

8 examples of vivid

1 vivid colors
2 a vivid imagination
3 brilliant tapestries
4 a bird with vivid plumage
5 a vivid description
6 a lifelike portrait
7 graphic accounts of battle
8 intense blue

10 definitions of vivid

1 True to the life; exhibiting the appearance of life or freshness; animated; spirited; bright; strong; intense.
2 Forming brilliant images, or painting in lively colors; lively; sprightly.
3 having the clarity and freshness of immediate experience
4 having striking color
5 evoking lifelike images within the mind
6 (of color) having the highest saturation
7 Perceived as bright and distinct; brilliant: a vivid star.
8 Having intensely bright colors: a vivid tapestry.
9 Having a very high degree of saturation: a vivid purple.
10 Presented in clear and striking manner: a vivid account of the incident. See Synonyms at graphic.
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