We have put together a list of words that are similar to VIVACITY.

5 Alternative Words Similar to vivacity

1 Life Noun      Synonym Words Like Life
2 Animation Noun      Synonym Words Like Animation
3 Spiritedness Noun      Synonym Words Like Spiritedness
4 Liveliness Noun      Synonym Words Like Liveliness
5 Sprightliness Noun      Synonym Words Like Sprightliness

1 examples of vivacity

1 the vivacity of a discourse; a lady of great vivacity; vivacity of countenance

10 definitions of vivacity

1 The quality or state of being vivacious.
2 Tenacity of life; vital force; natural vigor.
3 Life; animation; spiritedness; liveliness; sprightliness.
4 characterized by high spirits and animation
5 The quality or condition of being vivacious; liveliness: "the light and vivacity that laugh in the eyes of a child” ( Charles Dickens).
6 Vital force; vigor.
7 Tenacity of life; hence, length of life; longevity.
8 Liveliness of manner or character; sprightliness of temper or behavior; animation; life; briskness; cheerfulness; spirit.
9 That which is vivacious; a vivacious act or saying.
10 Synonyms Life, Liveliness, etc. See animation.
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