We have put together a list of words that are similar to VITELLUS.

3 Alternative Words Similar to vitellus

1 Yolk Noun      Synonym Words Like Yolk
2 Food Noun      Synonym Words Like Food
3 Nutrient Noun      Synonym Words Like Nutrient

4 definitions of vitellus

1 The yolk of an egg; in the broadest sense, the protoplasm of an ovum; the germinative or formative protoplasmic contents of an ovum-cell, which is transformed into the body of the embryo, plus that substance, if any, which nourishes the embryo during its germination and subsequent growth.
2 The contents or substance of the ovum; egg yolk.
3 Perisperm in an early condition.
4 nutritive material of an ovum stored for the nutrition of an embryo (especially the yellow mass of a bird or reptile egg)
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