We have put together a list of words that are similar to VITALITY.

11 Alternative Words Similar to vitality

1 Verve Noun      Synonym Words Like Verve
2 Energy Noun      Synonym Words Like Energy
3 Animation Noun      Synonym Words Like Animation
4 Force Noun      Synonym Words Like Force
5 Sparkle Noun      Hyponym Words Like Sparkle
6 Twinkle Noun      Hyponym Words Like Twinkle
7 Spark Noun      Hyponym Words Like Spark
8 Light Noun      Hyponym Words Like Light
9 Ki Noun      Hyponym
10 Chi Noun      Hyponym
11 Ch'i Noun      Hyponym

2 examples of vitality

1 the vitality of eggs or vegetable seeds; the vitality of an enterprise
2 he seemed full of vim and vigor

10 definitions of vitality

1 The quality or state of being vital; the principle of life; vital force; animation.
2 an energetic style
3 (biology) a hypothetical force (not physical or chemical) once thought by Henri Bergson to cause the evolution and development of organisms
4 a healthy capacity for vigorous activity
5 the property of being able to survive and grow
6 The capacity to live, grow, or develop: plants that lost their vitality when badly pruned.
7 Physical or intellectual vigor; energy. See Synonyms at vigor.
8 The characteristic, principle, or force that distinguishes living things from nonliving things.
9 Power to survive: the vitality of an old tradition.
10 I. The exhibiting of vital powers or capacities; the principle of animation or of life; vital force. See life.
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