Words Like VISIT

We have put together a list of words that are similar to VISIT.

26 Alternative Words Similar to visit

1 Meeting Noun      Synonym Words Like Meeting
2 Stay Noun      Synonym Words Like Stay
3 See Verb      Synonym Words Like See
4 Call Verb      Synonym Words Like Call
5 Inflict Verb      Synonym Words Like Inflict
6 Impose Verb      Synonym Words Like Impose
7 Gossip Verb      Synonym Words Like Gossip
8 Abide Verb      Synonym Words Like Abide
9 Afflict Verb      Synonym Words Like Afflict
10 Bide Verb      Synonym Words Like Bide
11 Communicate Verb      Synonym Words Like Communicate
12 Converse Verb      Synonym Words Like Converse
13 Discourse Verb      Synonym Words Like Discourse
15 Jaunt Verb      Synonym Words Like Jaunt
16 Meet Verb      Synonym Words Like Meet
17 Tour Verb      Synonym Words Like Tour
18 Travel Verb      Synonym Words Like Travel
19 Trip Verb      Synonym Words Like Trip
20 Attend Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Attend
21 Examination Noun      Synonym Words Like Examination
22 Visiting Noun      Hyponym
23 Sightsee Verb      Hyponym
24 Order Verb      Hyponym Words Like Order
25 Give Verb      Hyponym Words Like Give
26 Intrude Verb      Hyponym Words Like Intrude

6 examples of visit

1 the physician visits his patient
2 a bishop visits his diocese; a superintendent visits persons or works under his charge.
3 to visit in mercy; to visit one in wrath.
4 a visit of civility or respect; a visit to Saratoga; the visit of a physician.
5 the visit of a trustee or inspector
6 The grant administrator visited the laboratory

10 definitions of visit

1 To go or come to see, as for the purpose of friendship, business, curiosity, etc.; to attend; to call upon.
2 To go or come to see for inspection, examination, correction of abuses, etc.; to examine, to inspect
3 To come to for the purpose of chastising, rewarding, comforting; to come upon with reward or retribution; to appear before or judge
4 To make a visit or visits; to maintain visiting relations; to practice calling on others.
5 The act of visiting, or going to see a person or thing; a brief stay of business, friendship, ceremony, curiosity, or the like, usually longer than a call
6 The act of going to view or inspect; an official or formal inspection; examination; visitation.
7 go to see a place, as for entertainment
8 the act of visiting in an official capacity (as for an inspection)
9 the act of going to see some person or place or thing for a short time
10 come to see in an official or professional capacity
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