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8 Alternative Words Similar to virtu

1 Vertu Noun      Synonym Words Like Vertu
3 Appreciation Noun      Synonym Words Like Appreciation
4 Discernment Noun      Synonym Words Like Discernment
6 Piece Noun      Synonym Words Like Piece
7 Quality Noun      Synonym Words Like Quality
8 Taste Noun      Synonym Words Like Taste

9 definitions of virtu

1 A love of the fine arts; a taste for curiosities.
2 artistic quality
3 objet d'art collectively (especially fine antiques)
4 love of or taste for fine objects of art
5 A knowledge or love of or taste for fine objects of art.
6 Objects of art, especially fine antique objets d'art, considered as a group.
7 A word used chiefly in the phrase article of virtu, an object interesting for its precious material, fine or curious workmanship, antiquity, rarity, or the like, such as gems, medals,enamels,etc.: usually an object of some quality of art which appeals to fancy or to a curious taste.
8 Knowledge of the fine arts
9 objets d'art collectively
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