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4 Alternative Words Similar to violet

1 Purple Adjective      Synonym Words Like Purple
2 Purplish Adjective      Synonym Words Like Purplish
3 Chromatic Adjective      Similar Words Like Chromatic
4 Indigo Noun      Hyponym Words Like Indigo

10 definitions of violet

1 Any plant or flower of the genus Viola, of many species. The violets are generally low, herbaceous plants, and the flowers of many of the species are blue, while others are white or yellow, or of several colors, as the pansy (Viola tricolor).
2 The color of a violet, or that part of the spectrum farthest from red. It is the most refrangible part of the spectrum.
3 In art, a color produced by a combination of red and blue in equal proportions; a bluish purple color.
4 Any one of numerous species of small violet-colored butterflies belonging to Lycæna, or Rusticus, and allied genera.
5 Dark blue, inclining to red; bluish purple; having a color produced by red and blue combined.
6 a variable color that lies beyond blue in the spectrum
7 any of numerous low-growing violas with small flowers
8 of a color intermediate between red and blue
9 Any of various low-growing herbs of the genus Viola, having short-spurred, irregular flowers that are characteristically purplish-blue but sometimes yellow or white.
10 Any of several similar plants, such as the African violet.
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