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3 Alternative Words Similar to villus

1 Appendage Noun      Synonym Words Like Appendage
2 Outgrowth Noun      Synonym Words Like Outgrowth
3 Process Noun      Synonym Words Like Process

5 definitions of villus

1 In anatomy: One of numerous minute vascular projections from the mucous membrane of the intestine, of a conical, cylindric, clubbed, or filiform shape, consisting essentially of a lacteal vessel as a central axis, with an arteriole and a veinlet, inclosed in a layer of epithelium, with the basement membrane and muscular tissue of the mucous membrane, and cellular or reticular tissue.
2 One of the little vascular tufts or processes of the shaggy chorion of an ovum or embryo, in later stages of development entering into the formation of the fetal part of the placenta. See cut under uterus, Some villiform part or process of various animals. See cut under hydranth.
3 In botany, one of the long, straight, and soft, hairs which sometimes cover the fruit, flowers, and other parts of plants.
4 a small projection from a mucous membrane, particularly those found in the intestines
5 a minute hairlike projection on mucous membrane
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