Words Like VIBRANT

We have put together a list of words that are similar to VIBRANT.

5 Alternative Words Similar to vibrant

1 Colorful Adjective      Similar Words Like Colorful
2 Colourful Adjective      Similar Words Like Colourful
3 Reverberant Adjective      Similar Words Like Reverberant
4 Ringing Adjective      Similar Words Like Ringing
5 Resonant Adjective      Synonym Words Like Resonant

3 examples of vibrant

1 vibrant drums
2 a charming and vivacious hostess
3 a vivacious folk dance

10 definitions of vibrant

1 Vibrating; tremulous; resonant.
2 of colors that are bright and striking
3 vigorous and animated
4 of sounds that are strong and resonating
5 Pulsing or throbbing with energy or activity: the vibrant streets of a big city.
6 Vigorous, lively, and vital: "a vibrant group that challenged the . . . system” ( Philip Taubman).
7 Exhibiting or characterized by rapid, rhythmic movement back and forth or to and fro; vibrating.
8 Produced as a result of vibration; resonant or resounding: vibrant voices.
9 Relatively high on the scale of brightness: a vibrant hue.
10 Vibrating; agitated; specifically, vibrating so as to produce sound: as, a vibrant string.
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