We have put together a list of words that are similar to UNREDEEMED.

5 Alternative Words Similar to unredeemed

1 Cursed Adjective      Synonym Words Like Cursed
2 Damned Adjective      Synonym Words Like Damned
3 Doomed Adjective      Synonym Words Like Doomed
4 Unsaved Adjective      Synonym Words Like Unsaved
5 Lost Adjective      Similar Words Like Lost

8 definitions of unredeemed

1 Not redeemed.
2 in danger of the eternal punishment of Hell
3 Not redeemed; not ransomed: as, an unredeemed captive; an unredeemed sinner. Not recalled into the treasury or bank by payment of the value in money: as, unredeemed bills, notes, or stock.
4 Not fulfilled, as a promise or pledge.
5 Not counterbalanced or alleviated by any countervailing quality; unmitigated.
6 Not taken out of pledge or pawn.
7 Of a person, not redeemed; not granted redemption or salvation; unsaved.
8 Of a coupon or offer, unspent; not used in a purchase, and thus still usable.
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