Words Like TIGHT

We have put together a list of words that are similar to TIGHT.

39 Alternative Words Similar to tight

1 Taut Adjective      Synonym Words Like Taut
2 Mean Adjective      Synonym Words Like Mean
3 Mingy Adjective      Synonym Words Like Mingy
4 Miserly Adjective      Synonym Words Like Miserly
5 Close Adjective      Synonym Words Like Close
6 Loaded Adjective      Synonym Words Like Loaded
7 Stiff Adjective      Synonym Words Like Stiff
8 Wet Adjective      Synonym Words Like Wet
9 Nasty Adjective      Synonym Words Like Nasty
10 Loose Adjective      Antonym Words Like Loose
11 Tight Adjective      Related Words Like Tight
12 Tense Adjective      Related Words Like Tense
13 Binding Adjective      Similar Words Like Binding
14 Closed Adjective      Similar Words Like Closed
15 Difficult Adjective      Similar Words Like Difficult
16 Drunk Adjective      Similar Words Like Drunk
17 Equal Adjective      Similar Words Like Equal
18 Fine Adjective      Similar Words Like Fine
19 Inebriated Adjective      Similar Words Like Inebriated
20 Intoxicated Adjective      Similar Words Like Intoxicated
21 Secure Adjective      Similar Words Like Secure
22 Shut Adjective      Similar Words Like Shut
23 Skinny Adjective      Similar Words Like Skinny
24 Snug Adjective      Similar Words Like Snug
25 Stingy Adjective      Similar Words Like Stingy
26 Ungenerous Adjective      Similar Words Like Ungenerous
27 Fast Adverb      Synonym Words Like Fast
28 Closely Adverb      Synonym Words Like Closely
29 Tie      Variant Words Like Tie
30 Whole Adjective      Synonym Words Like Whole
31 Neat Adjective      Synonym Words Like Neat
32 Tidy Adjective      Synonym Words Like Tidy
33 Saving Adjective      Synonym Words Like Saving
34 Brisk Adjective      Synonym Words Like Brisk
35 Dear Adjective      Synonym Words Like Dear
36 Easy Adjective      Variant Words Like Easy
37 Tighten Verb-transitive      Synonym Words Like Tighten
38 Tightfitting Adjective      Equivalent
39 Gastight Adjective      Equivalent

10 examples of tight

1 tight cloth; a tight knot.
2 a tight ship; a tight cask; a tight room
3 water-tight; air-tight.
4 a tight coat or other garment
5 a man tight in his dealings
6 a tight market
7 a close election
8 a tight game
9 a tight rope
10 a tight drumhead

10 definitions of tight

1 p. p. of tie.
2 Firmly held together; compact; not loose or open
3 Close, so as not to admit the passage of a liquid or other fluid; not leaky; ; -- often used in this sense as the second member of a compound
4 Fitting close, or too close, to the body.
5 Not ragged; whole; neat; tidy.
6 Close; parsimonious; saving.
7 Not slack or loose; firmly stretched; taut; -- applied to a rope, chain, or the like, extended or stretched out.
8 Handy; adroit; brisk.
9 Somewhat intoxicated; tipsy.
10 Pressing; stringent; not easy; firmly held; dear; -- said of money or the money market. Cf. Easy, 7.
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