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6 Alternative Words Similar to moo

1 Cry Noun      Synonym Words Like Cry
2 Low Verb      Synonym Words Like Low
3 Emit Verb      Synonym Words Like Emit
4 Utter Verb      Synonym Words Like Utter
5 Mooed Verb-intransitive      Form Words Like Mooed
6 Mooing Verb-intransitive      Form Words Like Mooing

10 definitions of moo

1 See Mo.
2 To make the noise of a cow; to low; -- a child's word.
3 The lowing of a cow.
4 make a low noise, characteristic of bovines
5 the sound made by a cow or bull
6 To emit the deep, bellowing sound made by a cow; low.
7 The lowing of a cow or a similar sound.
8 To utter the characteristic cry of a cow; low.
9 To make a noise like lowing.
10 The low of a cow; the act of lowing.
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