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1 Fillet Noun      Synonym Words Like Fillet

9 definitions of lemniscus

1 One of two oval bodies hanging from the interior walls of the body in the Acanthocephala.
2 a bundle of sensory nerve fibers going to the thalamus
3 Anatomy A bundle or band of sensory nerve fibers.
4 In anc. costume, a woolen fillet or ribbon pendent at the back of the head from diadems, crowns, etc. It was likewise attached to prizes as a mark of additional honor.
5 In anatomy:
6 One of the minute ribbon-like appendages of the generative pores of some entozoans, as Echinorhynchus. See cut under Acanthocephala.
7 Same as fillet, 9.
8 In zoology, a genus of acalephs.
9 A kind of reference-mark such as the modern asterisk, obelisk, etc., consisting of a straight line drawn between two points or dots (÷), formerly used by textual critics in their annotations.
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