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5 Alternative Words Similar to lemma

1 Glume Noun      Synonym
2 Head Noun      Synonym Words Like Head
3 Header Noun      Synonym Words Like Header
4 Heading Noun      Synonym Words Like Heading
5 Proposition Noun      Synonym Words Like Proposition

10 definitions of lemma

1 In logic:
2 In the Stoical logic
3 The major premise of a hypothetical syllogism, or modus ponens: thus, in the reasoning, “If it is day, it is light; but it is day: hence, it is light,” the first premise was called the lemma.
4 A premise in general.
5 A Megaric sophism depending on the question whether a man who says “I am lying” is truly lying or not.
6 In mathematics, a proposition upon which it is necessary to arrest the attention for the sake of proving an ulterior one, but which interrupts the regular series of theorems; also, a premise drawn from another branch of mathematics than that under consideration.
7 A theme; a thesis; the subject of an epigram, or of a musical composition, etc.
8 In embryology, the primary or outer layer of the germinal vesicle. Pascoe.
9 A proposition proved or accepted for immediate use in the proof of some other proposition.
10 The canonical form of an inflected word.
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