We have put together a list of words that are similar to LEGITIMATION.

4 Alternative Words Similar to legitimation

1 Legalization Noun      Synonym
2 Legalisation Noun      Synonym
3 Act Noun      Synonym Words Like Act
4 Deed Noun      Hypernym Words Like Deed

1 examples of legitimation

1 his parents' subsequent marriage resulted in his legitimation

8 definitions of legitimation

1 The act of making legal, or of giving a thing the recognition of law.
2 The act of rendering legitimate; specifically, the investing of an illegitimate child, or one supposed to be the issue of an illegal marriage, with the rights of one born in lawful wedlock.
3 In Germany, etc., proof of identity and of legal permission to reside in a certain place, engage in a certain occupation, etc.
4 The process of making or declaring a person legitimate.
5 Legitimacy.
6 The act of establishing something as lawful; authorization.
7 the act of making lawful
8 the act of rendering a person legitimate
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