We have put together a list of words that are similar to LEGISLATION.

9 Alternative Words Similar to legislation

1 Legislating Noun      Synonym Words Like Legislating
2 Lawmaking Noun      Synonym Words Like Lawmaking
3 Government Noun      Synonym Words Like Government
4 Decriminalization Noun      Hyponym
5 Passage Noun      Hyponym Words Like Passage
6 Criminalisation Noun      Hyponym
7 Decriminalisation Noun      Hyponym
8 Enactment Noun      Hyponym Words Like Enactment
9 Criminalization Noun      Hyponym

8 definitions of legislation

1 The act of legislating; preparation and enactment of laws; the laws enacted.
2 law enacted by a legislative body
3 the act of making or enacting laws
4 The act or process of legislating; lawmaking.
5 A proposed or enacted law or group of laws.
6 The enacting of laws or statutes; the exercise of the power of legislating; the business of a legislator or a legislature.
7 The product of legislative action; a law or the laws promulgated by a legislator or a legislature; a statute, or a body of statutory law: as, the legislation of Moses is contained in the Pentateuch.
8 Law which has been enacted by legislature or other governing body
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