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2 Alternative Words Similar to legacy

1 Bequest Noun      Synonym Words Like Bequest
2 Gift Noun      Synonym Words Like Gift

10 definitions of legacy

1 Money or other property left by will; a bequest; specifically, a gift of personalty by will as distinguished from a devise or gift of realty.
2 Anything bequeathed or handed down by an ancestor or a predecessor.
3 A business which one has received from another to execute; a commission; an errand.
4 Legation; embassy.
5 To bequeath; assign as a legacy.
6 To leave a legacy to.
7 money or property bequeathed to someone in a will
8 Something inherited from a predecessor; a heritage
9 The descendant of an alumnus
10 of a computer system that has been in service for many years and that a business still relies upon, even though it is becoming expensive or difficult to maintain
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