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11 Alternative Words Similar to kibosh

1 Stop Verb      Synonym Words Like Stop
2 Halt Verb      Synonym Words Like Halt
3 Block Verb      Synonym Words Like Block
4 Forbid Verb      Synonym Words Like Forbid
5 Forestall Verb      Synonym Words Like Forestall
6 Prevent Verb      Synonym Words Like Prevent
7 Nonsense Noun      Synonym Words Like Nonsense
8 Stuff Noun      Synonym Words Like Stuff
9 Style Noun      Synonym Words Like Style
10 Stay Verb      Hyponym Words Like Stay
11 Embargo Verb      Hyponym Words Like Embargo

1 examples of kibosh

1 Halt the process

10 definitions of kibosh

1 Nonsense; stuff; also, fashion; style.
2 Portland cement when thrown or blown into the recesses of carved stonework to intensify the shadows.
3 stop from happening or developing
4 Informal A checking or restraining element: had to put the kibosh on a poorly conceived plan.
5 The form, manner, style, or fashion of something; the thing: as, that is the proper kibosh; full dress is the correct kibosh for the opera.
6 Something indefinite; a thing of any kind not definitely conceived or intended: as, I'll give him the kibosh
7 The thing in question; the stuff: as, that's the proper kibosh. Hence, specifically.
8 The stuff used in filling cracks or giving finish or shadow to architectural sculptures, namely, Portland cement.
9 Wages; money. Eng. Dial. Dict. (s. v. kybosh).
10 Affectation; display; pretense.
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