Words Like GLAZED

We have put together a list of words that are similar to GLAZED.

9 Alternative Words Similar to glazed

1 Glassy Adjective      Synonym Words Like Glassy
2 Shiny Adjective      Synonym Words Like Shiny
3 Unglazed Adjective      Antonym Words Like Unglazed
4 Calendered Adjective      Similar Words Like Calendered
5 Empty Adjective      Similar Words Like Empty
6 Glossy Adjective      Similar Words Like Glossy
7 Icy Adjective      Similar Words Like Icy
8 Vitreous Adjective      Similar Words Like Vitreous
9 Vitrified Adjective      Similar Words Like Vitrified

6 examples of glazed

1 glazed fabrics; glazed doughnuts
2 a glazed look
3 a glazed ham
4 a glassy stare
5 his eyes were glazed over with boredom
6 glazed doughnuts

9 definitions of glazed

1 Same as glassed.
2 Having a shiny surface or coating.
3 Lacking liveliness; -- used of eyes.
4 (of foods) covered with a shiny coating by applying e.g. beaten egg or a sugar or gelatin mixture
5 fitted or covered with glass
6 (used of eyes) lacking liveliness
7 having a shiny surface or coating
8 Of eyes: showing no liveliness.
9 Simple past tense and past participle of glaze.
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