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We have put together a list of words that are similar to GESTATE.

13 Alternative Words Similar to gestate

1 Conceive Verb      Synonym Words Like Conceive
2 Conceptualize Verb      Synonym Words Like Conceptualize
3 Conceptualise Verb      Synonym Words Like Conceptualise
4 Bear Verb      Synonym Words Like Bear
5 Carry Verb      Synonym Words Like Carry
6 Expect Verb      Synonym Words Like Expect
7 Birth Verb      Synonym Words Like Birth
8 Deliver Verb      Synonym Words Like Deliver
9 Have Verb      Synonym Words Like Have
10 Discover Verb      Hyponym Words Like Discover
11 Preconceive Verb      Hyponym
12 Find Verb      Hyponym Words Like Find
13 Design Verb      Hyponym Words Like Design

3 examples of gestate

1 The are expecting another child in January
2 I am carrying his child
3 This library was well conceived

9 definitions of gestate

1 be pregnant with
2 have the idea for
3 To carry within the uterus from conception to delivery.
4 To conceive and develop in the mind.
5 To gestate offspring.
6 To develop gradually.
7 To carry in the womb during the natural period of fetal development; hence, figuratively, to form and gradually mature (some project) in the mind, to be brought forth in due time.
8 To carry offspring in the uterus from conception to delivery.
9 To develop an idea.
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