We have put together a list of words that are similar to GERMINATION.

7 Alternative Words Similar to germination

1 Sprouting Noun      Synonym
2 Development Noun      Synonym Words Like Development
3 Growing Noun      Synonym Words Like Growing
4 Growth Noun      Synonym Words Like Growth
5 Inception Noun      Synonym Words Like Inception
6 Origin Noun      Synonym Words Like Origin
7 Origination Noun      Synonym Words Like Origination

7 definitions of germination

1 The act, process, or result of germinating; the evolution of a germ or seed; the formation of an embryo from an ovum.
2 The similar development of a plant from the spore in cryptogams.
3 The early period of growth in a bud, as of a bulb or of a rhizome.
4 The protrusion and growth of the pollen-tube from the pollen-grain.
5 The process of germinating; the beginning of vegetation or growth from a seed or spore; the first development of germs, either animal or vegetable.
6 the process whereby seeds or spores sprout and begin to grow
7 the origin of some development
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