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8 Alternative Words Similar to germ

1 Source Noun      Synonym Words Like Source
2 Seed Noun      Synonym Words Like Seed
3 Inspiration Noun      Synonym Words Like Inspiration
4 Structure Noun      Synonym Words Like Structure
5 Origin Noun      Synonym Words Like Origin
6 Soma Noun      Antonym Words Like Soma
7 Muse Noun      Hyponym Words Like Muse
8 Taproot Noun      Hyponym Words Like Taproot

4 examples of germ

1 the germ of a fetus, of a plant or flower, and the like
2 the germ of civil liberty
3 germ area, germ disc, germ membrane, germ nucleus, germ sac, etc.
4 the don't eat food that falls on the floor, it may have germs on it

10 definitions of germ

1 That which is to develop a new individual; ; the earliest form under which an organism appears.
2 That from which anything springs; origin; first principle.
3 The germ cells, collectively, as distinguished from the somatic cells, or soma. Germ is often used in place of germinal to form phrases
4 A microorganism, especially a disease-causing bacterium or virus; -- used informally, .
5 To germinate.
6 anything that provides inspiration for later work
7 a small apparently simple structure (as a fertilized egg) from which new tissue can develop into a complete organism
8 a minute life form (especially a disease-causing bacterium); the term is not in technical use
9 Biology A small mass of protoplasm or cells from which a new organism or one of its parts may develop.
10 The earliest form of an organism; a seed, bud, or spore.
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