Words Like GENUINE

We have put together a list of words that are similar to GENUINE.

8 Alternative Words Similar to genuine

1 Echt Adjective      Synonym Words Like Echt
2 Actual Adjective      Synonym Words Like Actual
3 True Adjective      Synonym Words Like True
4 Existent Adjective      Related Words Like Existent
5 Honest Adjective      Related Words Like Honest
6 Honorable Adjective      Related Words Like Honorable
7 Good Adjective      Similar Words Like Good
8 Old Adjective      Similar Words Like Old

6 examples of genuine

1 a genuine text; a genuine production; genuine materials.
2 true grief
3 her interest in people was unfeigned
4 a genuine dilemma
5 a literal solitude like a desert
6 genuine leather

10 definitions of genuine

1 Belonging to, or proceeding from, the original stock; native
2 not pretended; sincerely felt or expressed
3 being or reflecting the essential or genuine character of something
4 not fake or counterfeit
5 Actually possessing the alleged or apparent attribute or character: genuine leather.
6 Not spurious or counterfeit; authentic. See Synonyms at authentic.
7 Honestly felt or experienced: genuine devotion.
8 Actual; real: a genuine dilemma.
9 Free from hypocrisy or dishonesty; sincere.
10 Being of pure or original stock: a genuine Hawaiian.
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