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4 Alternative Words Similar to gearing

1 Gear Noun      Synonym Words Like Gear
2 Geartrain Noun      Synonym Words Like Geartrain
3 Train Noun      Synonym Words Like Train
4 Wheelwork Noun      Synonym Words Like Wheelwork

1 examples of gearing

1 the valve gearing of a locomotive engine; belt gearing

9 definitions of gearing

1 Harness.
2 The parts by which motion imparted to one portion of an engine or machine is transmitted to another, considered collectively; ; esp., a train of wheels for transmitting and varying motion in machinery.
3 wheelwork consisting of a connected set of rotating gears by which force is transmitted or motion or torque is changed
4 A system of gears and associated elements by which motion is transferred within a machine.
5 The act or technique of providing with gears.
6 Gear; dress; harness.
7 In machinery, the parts collectively by which motion communicated to one part of a machine is transmitted to another; specifically, a train of toothed wheels for transmitting motion.
8 The ratio of a system of gears.
9 Present participle of gear.
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