Words Like CUTBACK

We have put together a list of words that are similar to CUTBACK.

14 Alternative Words Similar to cutback

1 Decrease Noun      Synonym Words Like Decrease
2 Limit Verb      Hypernym Words Like Limit
3 Circumscribe Verb      Hypernym Words Like Circumscribe
4 Confine Verb      Hypernym Words Like Confine
5 Spill Verb      Hyponym Words Like Spill
6 Downsize Verb      Hyponym
7 Detract Verb      Hyponym
8 Thin Verb      Hyponym Words Like Thin
9 Minify Verb      Hypernym Words Like Minify
10 Lessen Verb      Hypernym Words Like Lessen
11 Return Verb      Hypernym Words Like Return
12 Pinch Verb      Hyponym Words Like Pinch
13 Disbud Verb      Hyponym
14 Top Verb      Hyponym Words Like Top

2 examples of cutback

1 cutbacks in government research funding increased unemployment among scientists; the recession caused a cutback in auto production
2 The employer wants to cut back health benefits

10 definitions of cutback

1 a reduction in quantity or rate; a reduction in the amount of an activity or the funding for an activity.
2 a return to an earlier scene or story line in a novel, movie, etc.
3 a sudden switching of directions of a running football player, a surfboarder, etc.
4 place restrictions on
5 cut down on; make a reduction in
6 return in time
7 cultivate, tend, and cut back the growth of
8 a reduction in quantity or rate
9 A decrease; a curtailment: "The political effects of food cutbacks could be devastating” ( New York Times).
10 A sharp reversal of direction, as of a ball carrier in football.
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