Words Like CUMULUS

We have put together a list of words that are similar to CUMULUS.

20 Alternative Words Similar to cumulus

1 Pile Noun      Synonym Words Like Pile
2 Heap Noun      Synonym Words Like Heap
3 Mound Noun      Synonym Words Like Mound
4 Agglomerate Noun      Synonym Words Like Agglomerate
5 Cumulation Noun      Synonym Words Like Cumulation
6 Accumulation Noun      Synonym Words Like Accumulation
7 Aggregation Noun      Synonym Words Like Aggregation
8 Assemblage Noun      Synonym Words Like Assemblage
9 Collection Noun      Synonym Words Like Collection
10 Pyre Noun      Hyponym Words Like Pyre
11 Midden Noun      Hyponym
12 Muckheap Noun      Hyponym
13 Woodpile Noun      Hyponym
14 Stockpile Noun      Hyponym Words Like Stockpile
15 Scrapheap Noun      Hyponym
16 Muckhill Noun      Hyponym
17 Slagheap Noun      Hyponym
18 Stack Noun      Hyponym Words Like Stack
19 Dunghill Noun      Hyponym
20 Thunderhead Noun      Hyponym

9 definitions of cumulus

1 One of the four principal forms of clouds. Seecloud.
2 a collection of objects laid on top of each other
3 a globular cloud
4 A dense, white, fluffy, flat-based cloud with a multiple rounded top and a well-defined outline, usually formed by the ascent of thermally unstable air masses.
5 A pile, mound, or heap.
6 The kind of cloud which appears in the form of rounded heaps or hills, snowy-white at top with a darker horizontal base, characteristic of mild, calm weather, especially in summer; the summer-day cloud. See cut under cloud, 1.
7 In anatomy, a heap of cells surrounding a ripe ovum in the Graafian follicle, and constituting the discus proligerus.
8 A large white puffy cloud that develops through convection. On a hot, humid day, they can form towers and even become cumulonimbus clouds.
9 A mound or heap.
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