We have put together a list of words that are similar to CUMULATE.

8 Alternative Words Similar to cumulate

1 Accumulate Verb      Synonym Words Like Accumulate
2 Conglomerate Verb      Synonym Words Like Conglomerate
3 Gather Verb      Synonym Words Like Gather
4 Amass Verb      Synonym Words Like Amass
5 Increase Verb      Synonym Words Like Increase
6 Backlog Verb      Hyponym Words Like Backlog
7 Accrete Verb      Hyponym Words Like Accrete
8 Drift Verb      Hyponym Words Like Drift

1 examples of cumulate

1 The work keeps piling up

10 definitions of cumulate

1 To gather or throw into a heap; to heap together; to accumulate.
2 collect or gather
3 To gather in a heap; accumulate.
4 To combine into one unit; merge.
5 To become massed.
6 Having cumulated or having been cumulated; heaped up or amassed.
7 To gather or throw into a heap or mass; bring together; accumulate.
8 In Louisiana law, to combine in a single action: applied to actions or causes of action.
9 Heaped or piled up; as, a cumulate sentence or subject.
10 To accumulate; to amass.
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