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1 Stem Noun      Synonym Words Like Stem

10 definitions of culm

1 The stalk or stem of grain and grasses (including the bamboo), jointed and usually hollow.
2 Mineral coal that is not bituminous; anthracite, especially when found in small masses.
3 The waste of the Pennsylvania anthracite mines, consisting of fine coal, dust, etc., and used as fuel.
4 stem of plants of the Gramineae
5 The stem of a grass or similar plant.
6 Waste from anthracite coal mines, consisting of fine coal, coal dust, and dirt.
7 Carboniferous shale.
8 Inferior anthracite coal.
9 Coal-dust; slack; refuse of coal.
10 In mining, a soft or slaty and inferior kind of anthracite, especially that occurring in Devonshire, England.
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