We have put together a list of words that are similar to BEATIFIC.

8 Alternative Words Similar to beatific

1 Angelic Adjective      Synonym Words Like Angelic
2 Angelical Adjective      Synonym Words Like Angelical
3 Saintlike Adjective      Synonym Words Like Saintlike
4 Saintly Adjective      Synonym Words Like Saintly
5 Sainted Adjective      Synonym Words Like Sainted
6 Good Adjective      Similar Words Like Good
7 Joyful Adjective      Similar Words Like Joyful
8 Blissful Adjective      Synonym Words Like Blissful

3 examples of beatific

1 a beatific smile
2 a saintly concern for his fellow men
3 my sainted mother

8 definitions of beatific

1 Having the power to impart or complete blissful enjoyment; blissful.
2 marked by utter benignity; resembling or befitting an angel or saint
3 experiencing or bestowing celestial joy
4 Showing or producing exalted joy or blessedness: a beatific smile.
5 Blessing or making happy; imparting bliss.
6 Blessed; blissful; exaltedly happy.
7 blessed, blissful, heavenly
8 having a benign appearance
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